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answers, please??

if i exercised more, i'd have to eat more, wouldnt i? wait, no.
my body would use up fat stores. only after fat stores are used up will the body eat muscle, this is, of course, after the initial 1-3 days of initial shock starvation mode. then, the body switches to using fat stores.

i'm so bad with numbers. i really dont get the deficit thing. okay, so, if the 12 calories per lb thing is correct, then, i need 1500 calories a day. if i eat 500 less, that's a deficit of 500 calories a day. if i burn an additional 500 calories, that's a deficit of 1000 calories. am i correct?


Hi everyone,
I'm new/lurking in this community. I grew up in Harlem, NY. My mom was a Rastafarian and raised my sister and I vegetarian. We ate relatively healthy growing up but I've always been fat which I attribute to bad genes and little exercise. My sister and I weren't able to play outside a lot because we lived in a not so safe community so most of my exercise happened on the school playground and at dance classes twice a week/five times in the summer. I was the fat kid in ballet but my sister was slim. As a teenager and adult I've tried to take agency with my diet through intense restricting, and got slim and now I'm fat again. Right now I'm in the process of losing weight again. I detest meat, and think it smells gross. I can eat raw sushi and digest it okay but still find the very idea of eating fish kinda gross. There is no judgement on anyone else who consume meat products, I just can't physically. My diet growing up consisted of mostly legumes, dairy products and whole grains. I was never into veges as a kid unless it was brocolli, corn or leafy greens. As an adult I love all veges. My weight gain this past year was 40lbs(went from size 9-15 height 5'11) and I attribute it to lots of pasta and burritos with my ex partner, and becoming addicted to sugar with her. I never really like sweets before, and then breaking up, becoming depressed and drinking a lot of beer and eating lots of french fries and sweets. My current diet consists of mostly legumes (lentils, chick peas etc...) in small amounts. I only consume nuts on the form of raw almond butter when I get intensely hungry, and lots of veges. I'm eating only low glycemic foods so potatoes, rice, wheat etc... are out. I'm lactose intolerant and can only consume cultured dairy products. I'm getting my animal protein in the form of an all natural whey protein shake every morning 100cals, and plain 0% greek yogurt with nothing on it. I make a small lentil soup for dinner with mustard greens, kale, chard or collards on the side usually and drink organic fair trade coffee with soy or almond milk throughout the day. I might have some raw broccoli, snap peas or something throughout the day when I'm running around but I try and keep it simple because I'm a broke, working class undergrad who trys to buy local and/or organic as much as possible so no super fancy boxed, bagged and prepped or canned goods. I cook all of my foods from scratch because I can't afford to do anything else.
I make a lot of currys because it's what I'm good at. I'm really interested in finding new soup and vege recipes. Please feel free to comment with cheap yummy and healthy food ideas that you've tried.

Oct. 27th, 2008

Height: 5'2"

This weeks weight: 126-127 lbs.

BMI: 22.9

Short-term goal: -4 lbs. every month.

Long-term goal: 100 lbs by April. ( my BMI is still healthy at that weight)
Though, my long, long-term goal is to after losing the fat, putting on
muscle. I don't care how much I weigh after that, because I'll be maintaining
no-fatness, and be concerned more with how I look, as far as tone-ness.

Weight loss/ gain: Gained 60 lbs in a year two years ago. Lost 30 lbs over a year. Lost 10 pounds in 4 months, from May to August. Have gained back fluctuations between 5-7 pounds in the last couple months.

I just did the math, and if I lose 4 pounds a month, to reach my goal of 100 pounds, it will take about 6 months. 6 months is too far away!! Does anyone know of healthy ways to lose fat weight faster? I'm thinking about juice feasting on fresh fruit & veggie juices, and occassionally eating solid fruits/vegs for the first week, and sometimes the second week too, of every month. What do you think?

Does anyone know if getting an adequate amount of protein is neccessary during a juice fast, and/or if the fruits/vegs juices provide enough??

I could drink protein water or protein shakes or eat protein bars, but I really dont like the idea as it isnt so "pure/natural", and I'm afraid I'd have to explain my special request to my grandparents, and I think that'd arouse unneccessary attention.

Oct. 12th, 2008

can anyone provide some inspiration? motivation? advice? pep-talking?

i dont know whats happening to me. i tried to forget the obsession, but i need the obsession. or else, i have no self-control.
i was determined, but i'm unelevated now, and from this position, it is hard.

thank you all.

Oct. 5th, 2008

I don't want to indulge in food. I just want to eat food for nourishment. Juicing is the only way I know how to take the activity of eating food and turn it into food being only about nourishment, not about entertainment, or coping.

Does anyone know of other ways to do this?
I was reading an article in the news paper - apparently it was all over the news too - about this high school/boarding school in California. This school is known for their weight loss and their nutrition classes rather than academics. It's where parents can send their obese children to loose weight and learn about Healthy Lifestyles. The adolescents have to be 30lbs overweight. In the article they went on to say that many of them get fruit or yogurt and cover it with Splenda. Isn't that awful? They are still going to crave all those sweets when they get home. If the school is going to eliminate any extra sugar in food then they shouldn't replace it!
I thought of that while I was reading the community profile and I thought I would share. :P

Also. If you eat something that is indigestible, like fiber, but not fiber like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, whole corn curnels (sp? the spell checker has no idea what i am trying to spell LOL!!), whole peanuts etc... Like if you just swallowed all these things whole, like pills. How does your body react? Especially if you ate a significant amount to curb your appetite, just to put something in your stomach rather then just liquids. With fiber I know that the bacteria is able to digest some fiber in your large intestine which creates Volatile Fatty Acids. But with the things that I am mentioning would they do bad things to your body if you ate too much? How would the bacteria react? Would these foods be classified as REAL negative calorie food? Since you would still have to swallow it, HCl be inserted in your stomach to TRY to digest it, be pushed all your intestines etc...

fasting +gluten free

Hi all!

I was told by my OBGYN on thursday to loose fifty pounds. No surprise there. I've heard that from doctors all my life. I'm 5' tall and have never weighed less than 135 lbs. I also have medical complications due to a congenital heart defect and am on a blood-thinner, so if I eat a lot of Vitamin-K-rich foods (spinach, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, etc.), it messes with my blood-thinner medication.

About a month ago, I decided that I was fed up with my current weight and needed to make some changes toward a healthier lifestyle. I soon thereafter found myself in the hospital with an infection that the doctors weren't quite able to diagnose, which is something that happened before. I've been on the South Beach Diet now for about three weeks, and have happily lost about 11 lbs. I have finally gotten used to the lifestyle change and now I have to change it up all over again because the diet that my OBGYN has put me on is gluten-free and emphasizes organic foods. It also prohibits dairy, meat and eggs in the first 72 hours. Gradually, after the first 72 hours have passed, I can start gradually adding one group at a time that follows closely with a low glycemic index.

Since I'd just gotten used to the South Beach Diet routine, you can imagine how *thrilled* I was *insert sarcasm here* when I found out I had to change yet again. My doctor didn't even really explain *why* a gluten-free diet was recommended. She just gave me a booklet of the diet plan. After doing some research, though, a light-bulb went on. Coeliac disease, which is brought on by a wheat allergy, fit symptoms I've been experiencing for over a year now to a 'T.' Now I'm sold on the idea, and have decided to shop as organically as possible and make the switch to a gluten-free lifestyle. Since my diet already mostly consisted of healthy oils, lean protiens and veggies that are healthfully prepared, it might not be so bad. It's just a little bit of a daunting discovery, because I live in a podunk little town in the middle of nowhere and most people here have never heard fo a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

The good news is that I love to bake and I have found flaxseed meal. So, to that end...any tips you may have for recipes for gluten free lifestyle would be great!

water fasting

does anyone know about/of any scientific explanations proving the benefits of water fasting.

i tried once, but after three days i was very, very weak. i attributed this to caffeine and sugar withdrawal, and figured my body just probably wasn't ready.

initially, the body goes into starvation mode, i know. but at some point (anyone know at what point?), the body switches over to using up the fat stores, thereby releasing the toxins, etc. stored within them, right? after this, one does not go into "starvation mode" until one has used up all of the fat stores. am i right?

does anyone know how best to prepare one's body for a water fast?
hi, i've just joined.
i dont know how to say this. i never thought i had unhealthy relationships to food, but i've just recently recovered from a severe depression, in which i gained 60 lbs over the course of two years. i'm about to turn 18. for the last 6 months or so, i've gradually been eating better and better. i've gotten into the living foods, or "raw", and i've become vegan. i've done a few master cleanses, and just recently did an 18 day juice fast. now that i'm getting healthier, and am no longer overweight, my motivation is even stronger.
but i tell you all all this because i've recently come across the term "orthorexia", and i identify with it.
after juicing, i really can't stand eating a lot of food, and i'm so much more conscious about what i put into my body.
i really dont believe i need to eat very much, and i'd be fine with mostly juices, and some fruits and vegetables every now and then, and beans and nuts seldomly. but anything else, and i really mind eating it.
and, i dont want to eat. i have to force myself to eat. because i know i'm not hungry.
i just need help. i dont know how anyone can help me, but i feel like i need help.