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Healthy Restriction & Fasting

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Healthy Restriction & Fasting
A calorie isn't just a calorie.
Quod me nutrit me sustineit.


This community was created with the intention that those who are anorexic, orthorexic, or just plain restricting can share information with each other about organic and natural products on the market, supplements for optimal health, advice on safe fasting, and research about anything related to restrictive eating disorders.

We do not believe in hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, sulfates/sulfites, nitrates/nitrates, splenda, aspartame, or any other strange chemical concoctions used to create "Diet Foods". We don't believe in crash diets, soup diets, or living off nothing but cigarettes and coffee. We don't believe in "getting anorexia" just long enough that you can fit into your bikini by next summer.

If you're really excited about the new low-cal strawberry ice cream at your local Albertson's which contains only 60 calories per cup, look at the ingredients before telling us about it. Chances are, it's nothing but crap. We don't want you to recommend an "ice cream" made of skim milk solids, hydrogenated soy oil, corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, guar gum, "natural flavors" and red dye #40. That is not real food. I'd take 1/2 cup of REAL ice cream over 1 full cup of fake ice cream any day. Substitution does not equal restriction.

But if you've just recently been to Whole Foods and were delighted to find whole-grain preservative-free bagels that are only 40 Calories each, do share! What brand? Show pictures! Did you find a really awesome supplement that makes you feel more energetic? Is it free of strange chemicals you can't pronounce? Tell us all about it! Have you decided to juice-fast for a day to cleanse your body, but you need help brainstorming what kinds juices to purchase ahead of time? Ask advice!

This is not a pro-ana community. We don't encourage anorexia nervosa or any other eating disorder. We support eating healthy foods, even if you don't eat very often. Restricting comes down to more than just limiting calorie intake. What you do put in your body counts for a lot, and proportionately speaking, even more for those who eat very little. Make those calories count as a source of nourishment, not guilt!

Also, this isn't just a diet community, either. If you are trying to recover from an eating disorder, or if you don't have an eating disorder, the subject matter may potentially be triggering or at least not something you can really understand. (If you're just dieting, you'll probably think we're all nutso.) However, you do not actually have to have an eating disorder in order to be a member. =) Just stick to the topics and don't hassle anybody about the fact that they're killing themselves by not eating enough. Chances are, they already know that.

Membership is wide open, baby.




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